Do you spend countless hours devising the best strategy with your citizens, customers and clients - only to find that your messages are completely lost at key 'touch points' in your relationships?

Marketing leaders across the world will all tell you that your brand or campaign is far more than a corporate identity or logo.

Your brand promise comes to life everyday in the interactions between your teams, stakeholders and customers.

What matters to them as individuals is fundamental in how they ‘share your story’. Broken down, this includes the values and beliefs they hold and the level of affinity they have with what your organisation stands for: your purpose, your reason to exist.

So, the challenge is, do you wait to find out that your brand promise is being broken through customer feedback, a staff survey or social media? Or do you take a proactive approach and tackle it head on?

At ICE Creates, we specialise in understanding people. To truly unpack and capture an individual’s beliefs and values, we always start with their why. Why do they think and behave the way they do?

Our Brand Map tool is a quick and easy way to implement an internal assessment of your brand, and the process is very simple:

Step one: define your purpose, your proposition to the outside world and the values that you would like to see played out across your organisation every day. You should already have this, of course!

Step two: ask your team to complete a survey specifically designed to uncover the truths behind their behaviours and actions. Get specialist help to craft the questions so you can unlock employee values in a subtle and constructive way.

Step three: compare how employee values align with your brand values. Our Brand Map tool’s evaluation metrics and recommendations will highlight areas of alignment and disruption so that you will know where ‘on brand’ staff can make a more significant difference to your organisational success.

An assessment like this will provide you with the confidence that you are making the most of your marketing budget; you will be more distinctive, more engaging and build better relationships, and chances are you will build strong staff engagement and productivity along the way, too.

You can join other leaders from social housing, not for profits and the NHS who are already working with us to build their brands through their people.

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