'I'll imagine my new garden as an eco-system."

"A place without walls, where we understand what really matters to people. We connect, experiment, nurture, celebrate progress and achieve our dreams together. Most of all, we never stand still, but grow in strength, evolving on our journey together."


ICE has been helping organisations, communities and most importantly, individuals, to nurture and grow for almost 20 years.

We work with health, local authorities, housing, pharmaceuticals, third sector and community organisations that share our ambition to create a  well, confident and self-reliant society.

'Nurturing transformation' across the UK, our expert teams use our people-shaped approach: digging deep to create insights that shape decisions, co-creating and designing pathways, services, systems and products, and then engaging with individuals, communities and organisations to achieve sustainable change.

By working with nature and people's strengths, we build new ways of working - achieving better outcomes for everyone that cost less.

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