Wellbeing links to engagement, and better staff engagement levels translate to better citizen experience and outcomes. There is a real need for the responsibility of keeping your workforce well and motivated to be owned and effectively implemented. Managers who show that they care about their employees' wellbeing are perceived as better managers - this is not a nicety, but an economical and managerial must.

We all want our workforce to be engaged and fully supported. What if we told you that Puffell is a free tool that can help to support healthy behaviours for you and your employees?

Puffell’s most recent deck, ‘Mood and Stress’, was officially released to coincide with this year’s Men’s Health Week (12-18 June). This deck was initially co-created with Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service as a space to equip their employees with the tools to self manage any daily stresses.

An increase in health and wellbeing levels for a workforce brings a reduction in sickness and absence, as well as increased levels of motivation.

In this space, support is signposted for issues such as bereavement, personal issues and environmental causes of stress.

The Mood and Stress deck also includes a self-assessment, which can be used to understand your levels of stress and happiness.

You are also able to create your own bespoke groups, so you have the opportunity to provide a safe space for your workforce to engage with one another.

This deck is just one part of how Puffell can help. From community support via groups and Puffell friends to the ability to set and track your personal goals, Puffell is designed to keep us all as well as we can be.

You can join in for free today at Puffell.com

To talk to us about how Puffell can help you, contact Richard Forshaw-Smith on 0845 5193 423 or at richard.forshaw@icecreates.com