Stoptober is upon us and the feeling deep down is that you want to quit smoking; or is it a vague feeling that you should? Is it just that the nagging has to stop eventually? We always look for the positive in any new thing that we do. It enables us to focus on an exciting outcome which can have long term benefits in our lives. Smoking is without a doubt the number one health change you can make. It impacts on so many levels, both for our own bodies and to the lives and feelings of others around us.

Many feel that it should be looked upon as a challenge, something to be conquered and destroyed, planting your flag at the summit and taking a congratulatory selfie. Others feel that it is no big thing, ‘smoking is something stupid I started when I thought it was big and now it’s time to put childish things away and look to a healthier future.’

The truth is somewhere in the middle. It’s different for everybody but with the same outcome. People tackle it in various ways. We have The smoke free home method where we protect everyone we love by not smoking in the house. Then we remember about the Seven Steps rule and make sure the smoke does not blow back in. Most of the harmful chemicals in cigarettes are not visible so if you stand by the back door, it will be coming into your home without you detecting it. This will affect toddlers and pets who are at that lower level and breathe your smoke.

As from 1st October, it will be illegal to smoke in your car with anybody under 18 years of age present. This isn’t an affront to your civil liberties but a protection for those strapped in who cannot make the choices you have made.

So here we are, a smoke free car, a smoke free home and now Stoptoberand a smoke free you.

You didn’t do it on your own.Your families and friends have nudged you in the right direction and the small changes did not become huge challenges and they love you for it.

When you get there though, you still deserve that selfie.

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